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  1. [DataContract]
  2. ServiceHost BaseAddress annoying situation in January CTP release
  3. using local implimentation of contract
  4. msmq multicast and indigo
  5. IOperationInvoker
  6. "Registering" clients w/ a service
  7. Serialization and inheritance
  8. svcutil /dconly
  9. Will WCF allow me to send custom object graphs over the wire?
  10. Logon Attempt Failed
  11. What is the latest beta release of WCF and where can I get it?
  12. The server did not provide a meaningful reply; ...
  13. Multiple endpoints
  14. Re: Unrecognized attribute "soapVersion" in GettingStarted sample
  15. Anyone have any cool Indigo or WinFx desktop background images?
  16. WinFX January CTP releases!
  17. Windows Communication Foundation Community
  18. RE: Turning off WS-Addressing headers in an Indigo client
  19. WCF
  20. "Generic" indigo console host
  21. NetMsmqBinding fails with Signature Is Invalid on Windows 2003R2
  22. RE: WCF Quick Start Tutorial Error
  23. Re: Problem with wsDualHttpBinding - NOV CTP - Programming Indigo - Ch
  24. Async WCF and InvokeRequired
  25. one-way service operation not working
  26. Role based authorization
  27. Could not find schema information
  28. The content type text/html of the response message does not match the content type of the binding (text/xml; charset=utf-8)."
  29. RE: Where did dc.exe go?
  30. RE: OT(ish) Decemeber CTP
  31. RE: Service Metadata Tool,
  32. Re: 'The session was closed before message transfer was complete' in duplex service
  33. RE: Dec CTP and DocumentBare
  34. Proxy interception via DispatchOperation
  35. Re: OT(ish) Decemeber CTP
  36. Reliable Messaging