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  1. Microsoft previews Hotmail successor, Outlook.com
  2. Twitter Hit With 'Is This You?' Photo Malware
  3. Microsoft: Update Java or kill it
  4. Mahdi malware creators add new features
  5. 100W Power Delivery Spec Approved For USB 2.0 And 3.0
  6. Mozilla Closes Security Hole in Firefox's New Tab Window
  7. Windows XP, Vista Miss Out on Office 2013
  8. Firefox 14 Brings HTTPS Search, Click-to-Play Plugins
  9. Hotfix for multiple Skype clients
  10. PDXLAN 20: 550 Windows Gamers Under One Roof
  11. Keeping your Microsoft account more secure
  12. Microsoft to host press event on Monday (live blog)
  13. Update to the SkyDrive desktop app for Windows
  14. Microsoft Urges Users to Shut Down Windows Gadgets or Risk Attack
  15. IE 9.0.8 Available via Windows Update
  16. New Internet Explorer TV Spot in 2.5D
  17. FBI kills DNSChanger network, but how many will be affected?
  18. How to detect and fix a machine infected with DNSChanger
  19. Microsoft to patch 9 security vulnerabilities on Tuesday
  20. Gen Y: The insecure generation?
  21. Microsoft confirms enthusiasts' fears: No more versions of Windows Home Server
  22. Web users beware: DNSChanger victims lose Web access July 9
  23. Digital Rights Groups Unveil "Declaration of Internet Freedom"
  24. Facebook's e-mail debacle: One 'bug' fix, but rollback impossible
  25. Upgrade to Windows 8 Pro for $39.99
  26. IE hangs on to more than half of browser market
  27. Microsoft and OEMs: New game, new rules
  28. Wi-Fi Performance Boosted From RF Technology Advances
  29. Facebook e-mail mess: Address books altered; e-mail lost
  30. Recapping Windows Phone 8 developer news
  31. Wi-Fi Alliance Begins Testing Devices for Wi-Fi CERTIFIED Passpoint Program
  32. Those sneaky teens: What they're really up to online
  33. Malware Gets Snoopy
  34. Microsoft Drops Office Starter Edition
  35. Is your printer spewing gibberish? Could be malware
  36. Twitter explains service meltdown
  37. 64-bit OS & VM Vulnerable to Privilege Escalation Attacks on Intel CPU
  38. Thunderbolt vs. USB, HDMI, PCIe Cable: How does it compare?
  39. IE 9.0.7 Available via Windows Update
  40. Ads Coming to Skype Audio Calls on Windows
  41. IPv6 Launch Called Mixed Success
  42. Security tweaks, PDFs herald new Firefox builds
  43. Microsoft to repair IE flaw discovered at hacking contest
  44. U.N. could tax U.S.-based Web sites, leaked docs show
  45. Gmail Outage Likely Hit Several Million on Thursday
  46. Google Warns Gmail Users Over 'State-Sponsored Attacks'
  47. Facebook warns users of the end of the Internet via DNSChanger
  48. Internet lights up with new IPv6 connections
  49. 3 things to know about IPv6 as World IPv6 Day approaches
  50. Microsoft's new, more social Bing goes live in the U.S.
  51. Facebook experiences apparent outage
  52. The Windows 8 Release Preview & Windows Upgrade Offer - #windows8
  53. Announcing the availability of the Windows 8 Release Preview
  54. Updates to the SkyDrive apps for Windows and Mac
  55. Beware of Olympic Themed Emails Carryin a Payload, F-Secure Says
  56. Internet Defense League Crafts 'Bat Signal' for the Web
  57. 5 Common E-Mail Management Mistakes and How to Avoid Them
  58. The future of Adobe installers?
  59. Mac, PC solid state drives aren’t compatible
  60. Microsoft's New Terms of Service to Block Class Action Suits
  61. Today Is Geek Pride Day! Four Reasons to Feel Cheerful About Tech
  62. Microsoft is serious about open source: 10 proof points
  63. Bug Bounty Hunters Reveal Eight Vulnerabilities in Google Services
  64. Now in Marketplace: Facebook’s latest public offering
  65. Obama Orders Agencies to Optimize Web Content for Mobile
  66. Google Warns Users Infected with DNSChanger as 'Internet Doomsday' Nears
  67. McAfee sees 'malware explosion' across desktop, mobile platforms
  68. Microsoft: Windows Vista infection rates climb
  69. Banking Malware Monitors Victims by Hijacking Webcams and Microphones
  70. Microsoft Opens Up Its Social Search Site 'So.cl'