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  1. How do you check the date when a file was first installed on windo
  2. "~XB1ACD" corrupted files-how to rename/fix
  3. Something on Vista turned certain files to _OLD
  4. windows corrupted file
  5. Is this section still necessary?
  6. STOP message at startup 0x00000024 (0x00190203, 0x841EA348, ...
  7. Windows cannot access the specified device,path or file.....
  8. windows won't start
  9. My documents not responding in Explorer
  10. is winfs comming with vista sp1 ?
  11. Missing or corrupted File "rtl70.bpl", error 126
  12. Cannot find file..
  13. STOP 0x00000024 (0x00190203,0x8253a828,0xc0000102,0x00000000)
  14. WinFS in year 2012?
  15. File Drop Down Menu
  16. about record CD&DVD SDK
  17. Implementation of WinFS in Windows "Fiji" and "Vienna"
  18. C:\I386 folder renamed to "C:\Application Data"
  19. Notify: What is this newsgroup intended for?
  20. Xp repair on c_1252.nls corrupt file
  21. Where in the FS...?
  22. File format change?
  23. is winfs really dead? i dont think so
  24. WinFS is dead
  25. WinFS sample: CustomSchema
  26. y cant winFS sdk is for MSDN subscribers alone?
  27. winfs beta2 release?
  28. News from TechEd
  29. Beta 1/Beta 2
  30. How to start adding word and image files
  31. Beta2 open to non MSDN subscriber?
  32. WinFS and Windows Vista Beta 2
  33. Custom schema in winfs
  34. Will winfs be used instead of database (in some certain scenarios)?
  35. Beta 2
  36. "Project Orange"
  37. Windows 98 SE Startup Error
  38. WinFS development center website down?
  39. mount archives
  40. suggestions & questions
  41. WinFS and WCF
  42. Problem with MetadataHandler in WinFS SDK Documentation
  43. Could not locate the assembly for type
  44. virtual filesystem
  45. Mob-ocracy and the Fall of the Republic
  46. ODBC/JDBC interface?
  47. for sale: internetDotComs.com
  48. Backing file name ?
  49. New In WinFS
  50. Factory Restore Mistake
  51. OPath query for parent containers collection
  52. very very long update time!!!
  53. Failed to update due to a store error:24003 ???
  54. Navigation Property
  55. China ZhongZhan Aids Mei Mei
  56. ItemNotAlive Exception
  57. SyncAdapter how to acces to non commited data?
  58. WinFS release date
  59. WinFS potential redistributable package size?
  60. WinFS WinFX et Vista
  61. Naming Template Doc using Specal Char
  62. Access Store Over Network
  63. only test- solo test
  64. Data access security in WinFS - Re: Spyware
  65. ERROR at least one changed item being outside of the sync scope !
  66. Store Management API?
  67. WinFS support for Alternate Data Streams (ADS)
  68. existing xsd-schemata as a part of an own winfs-schema-definition
  69. Create WinFS Store programmatically
  70. Error AG0017? What is the problem?