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Why doesn't OWA 2003 work with live mail?

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    Re: Why doesn't OWA 2003 work with live mail?

    "apwelsh" <armand@xxxxxx> wrote in message

    > I have never accessed my hotmail account.... how do I know this?
    > because I don't have one... I have been using Outlook Express to
    > access my school's OWA account. I will review the reference to the
    > claim that Windows Live Mail no longer supports webDav. my
    > understanding was that the windows mail client with vista doesn't
    > support webDav. There was a document from microsoft that claimed that
    > windows live mail would allow for this type of access when it is
    > released. If neither windows live mail nor windows mail work, then I
    > guess I will go back to outlook express, or I'll just have to switch
    > to the bloated outlook mail client, where I can use the webmail plugin
    > to access exchange server via the webDav interface of OWA.
    > Armand
    I think I've read that this is likely to happen if the OWA server is
    several months behind in applying updates, since there was one
    several months ago to improve access for Vista users.

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    Re: Why doesn't OWA 2003 work with live mail?

    Surely, the responses to the gentlemen's query can not be serious. We come to these forums because some of them, this one among them, are excellent resources due to both the experience and the intellect of the administrators. However, these virtues make you no better (or worse) than the inquirer. The snobbery and elitism in these responses makes one think that the disdain the administrators displayed is a result of being bullied in their conformable years. Quite sad really. Gentlemen, may I politely suggest to walk upstairs, knock on your mothers door, work these issues out with her. When you are able to pull yourself together and mom asserts that you are nice boys and she is your friend, come back to the friendly periphery of the basement and remember that the people come here for your help, not your degradation.

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Why doesn't OWA 2003 work with live mail?
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