1.    13 Jun 2008 #1
    JoeF Guest

    Waiting xx seconds before running next command

    I'm working on a script that we will use to power off a SAN in the event of a
    power failure. What I'd like to do is use have a computer called PC1 start a
    script on PC2 when it is being shutoff for power failure. I plan on having
    the UPS software initiate the script on PC1. When PC1 starts the script on
    PC2, I want PC2 to have a pause in the script where it waits for 5 minutes or
    so before running the next line that will start the shutdown on SAN.

    I'm not sure how get PowerShell to wait for xx seconds before running the
    next line. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Marco Shaw [MVP] Guest

    Re: Waiting xx seconds before running next command

    > I'm not sure how get PowerShell to wait for xx seconds before running the

    > next line. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    The start-sleep cmdlet should help:

    PS > get-help start-sleep -examples
    Suspend shell, script, or runspace activity for the specified
    period of time.
    -------------------------- EXAMPLE 1 --------------------------
    C:\PS>Start-Sleep -s 15
    This command makes the shell sleep for 15 seconds.
    -------------------------- EXAMPLE 2 --------------------------
    C:\PS>Start-Sleep -m 500
    This command makes the command shell sleep for 1/2 second (500


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