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Fullscreen games minimize to tray automatically

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    Re: Fullscreen games minimize to tray automatically

    I WAS experiencing this same issue. When I ran games or full screen applications that would become minimized. Eventually, after some investigation I found that it was indeed skype causing this issue...

    However, this can be resolved:

    The solution is simple, and will work for all versions of vista... In SKYPE, go to TOOLS>OPTIONS>GENERAL - and change the 'Visual style of the window' option to 'classic windows'. This should resolve your issue, worked for me.

    As an extra measure, I also ensured that I set the windows application setting to run the program minamized. To do this, simply RIGHTCLICK THE SKYPE ICON ON YOUR DESKTOP OR START MENU > and choose PROPERTIES > and then from the RUN drop down menu, choose: minamized.

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    Re: Fullscreen games minimize to tray automatically

    I also had this problem, I just disabled Windows sidepanel and the problem was solved...

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    Re: Fullscreen games minimize to tray automatically

    FrozenLord;4366962 Wrote:

    > I've got a problem with my Vista Home Premium x64 and haven't found a
    > solution so far.
    > My PC started recently to minimize some games to the tray when I start
    > them.
    > Those games are:
    > - Sacred Gold
    > - Ghost Recon (inlcuding both addons)
    > - Tom Clancy's HAWX Demo
    > - Braid Demo
    > I can't figure out what's causing this...
    > The problem only started to occur recently - I don't know why. I
    > uninstalled everything I had installed recently, but to no avail.
    > My Specs are:
    > Windows Vista Home Premium x64 (all updates installed)
    > Core 2 Duo T7200
    > 4 GB Ram
    > Comodo Firewall (latest version - deactivating/closing doesn't help)
    > avast Anti Virus (latest version - deactivating/closing doesn't help)
    > Any tips and / or clues would be much appreciated :-)
    > FrozenLord[/QUOTE
    > Hi There
    > I have had this problem for months and this morning I have at last
    > hopefully solved it.
    > I have not been able to play any games, because as soon and i try to
    > open them they minimize and as much as I click to open them fully, the
    > go straight back in the tray!!!
    > This morning I turned of my SKYPE.
    > So far, so good. Every game opens straight away, first time.
    > I hope your problem turns out to be as simple as mine in the end.
    > And why didn't I think of this before!!!!!
    > By the way, My computer is Vista

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    Re: Fullscreen games minimize to tray automatically

    So I was having the same problem as everyone else. I was playing the sc2 beta and I like to turn off game the game's soundtrack and listen to iTunes and turns out I was scrobbling to and that little addon that was minimized to the lower right hand side of my taskbar was causing the issue.

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Fullscreen games minimize to tray automatically

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