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Blocked Traffic

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    Ward Guest

    Blocked Traffic

    My Security blocks the following traffic when comming out of SLEEP MODE.
    Windows Networking (1) out; IGMP Out: LLMNR: UPnP.
    This only happens on Vista and not XP with same programs
    Internet Security is F-Secure supplied by ISP Embarq.
    Only happens when comming out of sleep mode, not at restart or other times.
    Always the same 4 traffic groups.
    Embarq support does not know answer.

    Any help as to what it is or what to do whould be appreciated. I do not see
    any efftects on my computer, but I do not know if this traffic should be
    alloed or what it is for.

    Thank You, Your comments are appreciated.

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    Ward Guest

    Re: Blocked Traffic

    F-Secure was the blocking the traffic and should be allowed. the following
    is being supplied for information if anyone else has the same problem.

    NVIDIA (part of Vista I think) is the program. to correct this i opened
    F-Secure, INTERNET SHIELD, > FIREWALL (SET ON CUSTOM) > configure >
    settings > then on the TRUSTED NETWORK ADOPTER Drop Down Menu, I allowed the

    No more traffic blocks.

    "embarq_lamontl" wrote:

    > ::Hello Ward,::
    > :: ::
    > ::This is a message from Lamont with Embarq Customer Support. I see
    > you had a question about the F-Secure and Vista. I am currently,
    > working with one of our product experts to get more information for
    > you. We will attempt to determine if the security has a setting we can
    > change to prevent the port from being restricted when the pc goes into
    > sleep mode. I will keep you posted on any new information I can find.
    > Please reply to the following email address if you had any additional
    > concerns about this issue. We strive for complete customer
    > satisfaction and with your help we can improve our service. Thank you
    > for using Embarq, your complete communications solution.::
    > :: ::
    > ::Lamont L.::
    > ::Embarq Customer Support::
    > '::SMNP.Lamont.l@xxxxxx::' (SMNP.Lamont.l@xxxxxx):: ::
    > For additional support please visit
    > _ (\"\")__or
    > call 1-877-646-3282
    > Voice | Data | Internet | Wireless | Entertainment
    > --
    > embarq_lamontl

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Blocked Traffic
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