I use Vista ultimate preRC1 (Build5536, named Aug.06 CTP for MSDN) for
Japanese version.

After install my note pc, I tried to change workgroup name.
(Control panel 'System'->'*定と変更'(Setting and Change?)->'変更')
After chagned, require reboot. And, press '今すぐ再起動する(restart now?)' button.
After pressed, displayed LCD scren test patern(diagnostic mode?).
When displayed it, don't recieve key action without poweroff at long press
power button.

This phenomenon occurs with whichever x86 and x64, from versions before
Build 5536.

Hardware: MSI Megabook S270(MS-1013)
CPU: AMD Turion64 MT-40
BIOS is latest version (6.70).