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System Tray : serious ergonomical problems - constatations

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    TiTi Guest

    System Tray : serious ergonomical problems - constatations


    This post is the english version of what I post today on
    m.p.f.w.v.general entitled "System Tray : sérieux problème d'ergonomie -

    I would like to tell Microsoft that I discover some ergonomical glitches
    that annoy me in my every day use of vista. I now they are small things
    (compare to all the operating system), but it is really "aggravating"
    (not sure of the translation ^^) ; it does not gives a feeling of

    Here is my thoughts about 3 errors that should have been detected and
    that need a correction :

    -The volume adjustment is horrible when using the keyboard :
    It is really hard to obtain the desire sound level if your are looking
    for a specific value ; mainly because there is a bip every time you
    press a button (up/down) on your keyboard.
    For example if the sound is fixed at 20 and I want to increase it up to
    25, I have to press 5 times the upper arrow, which gives :
    bip bip biip biip biiiiip biiiiiiip ... and ... I'm lost ! All this
    "bip" made me loose control about where I was in terms of sound volume
    Moreover the numeric value is not shown everytime : only on mouseover...

    -The alimentation mode does not apply until you clic elsewhere of the
    selection area. That differs from the sound adjustment (where you don't
    have to loose focus).

    -Again, about the little area where you chose the alimentation plan when
    you left clic on the battery icon in the system tray :
    The content of this area is not loaded during the computer start-up ,
    there is juste a white area :-(
    I've got a M1330 (good laptop, but aldready 1 year old), and still it is
    a pain in the ass when my system wakes up from prolonged sleep or simply
    start-up : I have to wait until complete load of the computer before i
    can change the alimentation plan.
    The problem happened a few times when I didn't pay attention to the
    current alimentation mode when I shutdown my computer : next time i
    start the computer it was in economic mode : only 1 core of the CPU,
    less power, slow start, obliged to wait for complete start-up before
    changing alimentation mode >.<

    To summarize : simple ergocomics details that need more attention in my
    opinion. It is unpleasant to find this kind of lakes into a so complete

    Hoping the feedback will be heard...


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    Nonny Guest

    Re: System Tray : serious ergonomical problems - constatations

    On Tue, 17 Jun 2008 21:35:00 +0200, TiTi <anthibug@xxxxxx> wrote:

    >Hoping the feedback will be heard...
    It won't.

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System Tray : serious ergonomical problems - constatations

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