1.    28 Jun 2007 #1
    Michael Guest

    Movie Maker- DVD cuts off top of pictures

    I made a slide show with music. When I published it as a DVD and played it
    on my t.v., it cut off the top of each picture. I published it in both 4:3
    and 16:9 format, but on my standard (4:3) t.v., both formats cut off the
    heads. Any suggestions?
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  2.    28 Jun 2007 #2
    Adam Albright Guest

    Re: Movie Maker- DVD cuts off top of pictures

    On Thu, 28 Jun 2007 19:48:01 -0700, Michael
    <Michael@discussions.microsoft.com> wrote:

    >I made a slide show with music. When I published it as a DVD and played it
    >on my t.v., it cut off the top of each picture. I published it in both 4:3
    >and 16:9 format, but on my standard (4:3) t.v., both formats cut off the
    >heads. Any suggestions?

    You probably were "out of bounds". Time to introduce two terms.
    Underscan and overscan. This is a fallback to old television


    When you view a video frame on a computer you typically see the WHOLE
    frame including what will often fall in the underscan area. This can
    often include video noise at the top or bottom of the video frame.

    So to avoid this getting included in the finished product better video
    editing software automatically can switch between showing the whole or
    raw frame and what typically will show on a TV screen.

    Two more terms: Action Safe and Title Safe areas.

    As a general rule of thumb Action Safe is a border 10% from the edge
    around the entire video frame while Title Safe is between 15-20% from
    the edge. The idea is make sure your photos or video falls within this
    boundary to avoid cutting off heads and parts of titles. Action safe
    is more appropriate to where some hot spot can appear on a clickable
    menu like for a DVD. If somebody makes a button that is suppose to be
    clicked on to change chapters it can be practically even fully off
    screen if too close to the edge, so obviously something you want to

    The problem is all tvs are slightly different and more so if they are
    poorly calibrated or suffering from high voltage blooming which is an
    effect that will cause the entire picture to "bloom" or expand thus
    filling out the screen more than it should due to the signal getting
    fed too much high voltage, this is quite common in aging CRT style

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