My Windows Live Mail refuses to remember my password. The application
remembers my username but leaves the password field blank for me to manually
fill in. I had recently un-installed & re-installed the software many times &
yet the issue has not resolved itself.

Within Windows Live Mail, I have accessed the TOOLS tab, then I clicked onto
the ACCOUNTS link. After that, for each account present (4), I manually
accessed PROPERTIES & manually filled in my password, making sure that the
REMEMBER MY PASSWORD box was checked. I clicked APPLY, clicked OK & then
closed the window. When I re-open the SAME window to see if the software
remembers my password, I find that the password field remains blank as it was

I have gone as far as accessing my firewall settings so as to make sure that
Windows Live Sign-In Assistant, Windows Live Mail & Windows Live Messenger
have access to the internet. What am I doing wrong?

What am I doing wrong here? Any help to reach the solution would be

Lex Luthor