Just hoping someone can provide me with some answers and solutions.

Ive realised that my webcam doesnt work with a few contacts. I mainly talk
to this girl who lives back in my hometown and ive never had problems with
99% of my other contacts and shes never had problems either. Its just when we
try to call/videochat each other.

The webcam says its loading and at the point when its about to connect
(after the advertisement) it says webcam session has ended.
I tried using video call and i can see myself but her webcam just has a
webcam icon with a little cross over and she says she gets the same thing on
her end.

I read somewhere thats it happens if 2 contacts have 2009 version of WLM and
it just happens that we both have that version.

Can someone help?
Kind Regards,

Adam Isaaks