Hello there,

I have a .net user control that I am displaying on a web page using
the following syntax for my object tag:

<object id='objLauncher' name='objLauncher' Style='width:600px; height:
350px;' classid='MyThing.dll#TutorPro.MyThing'></object>

Now, under normal circumstances, this works perfectly fine. The
problem occurs if there is a space in the URL to the page using the
object tag. Event though my dll is in the same folder as the page with
the object tag, if there is a space anywhere in the URL, it simply
does not display.

I have tried using %20 instead of the space in the address bar of IE
but it still does not work. If I get rid of the space, in the actual
folder name, everything works fine.

For example, this works: "http://localhost/mytest/test1/
launchcontrol.htm" but this does not work "http://localhost/my test/
test1/launchcontrol.htm" and neither does this "http://localhost/my

If anyone can shed any light on this problem, it would be much

Thanks in advance.