Re: get-eventlog search string problem

  1.    03 Dec 2007 #1
    Brandon Shell [MVP] Guest

    Re: get-eventlog search string problem

    I would use -match instead of -like

    For remote Eventlog you should use WMI or .NET

    WMI: Get-WmiObject Win32_NTEventlogFile -computer $computer
    ..NET: [System.Diagnostics.EventLog]::GetEventLogs($computer)

    I have examples of both here

    Brandon Shell
    PSH Scripts Project:

    f> Hi,
    f> I am looking for "Lun" information from the eventlog and am wondering
    f> why one method works and a couple others doesn't. Must be syntax.
    f> The one that works is:
    f> get-eventlog -logname system|?{$_.timegenerated -gt "12/3/2007"|
    f> findstr "Lun"
    f> The one that doesn't work is:
    f> get-eventlog -logname system|?{$_ -like "*Lun*"}
    f> and
    f> get-eventlog -logname system |?{$_.timegenerated -gt "12/3/2007"} |
    f> select-string -pattern "Lun"
    f> Also, how would I do this to a remote box?
    f> Thanks in advance,

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  2.    03 Dec 2007 #2
    Keith Hill [MVP] Guest

    Re: get-eventlog search string problem

    "Brandon Shell [MVP]" <a_bshell.mask@xxxxxx> wrote in message

    > I would use -match instead of -like
    Excellent advice. I use -match far more than -like. The pattern matching
    rules for -like don't align with my regex thinking. :-)


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Re: get-eventlog search string problem

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