My test box cpu doesn't support hyper-v so I am forced to use multiple boot
partitions for different training installations.

Have one legacy (SBS 2003) installation on c:, SBS 2008 on a second
partition and Windows Std 2008 on yet another. Am able to boot to all three

Tried installing a second SBS 2008 OS on a fourth partition. All went
well--except no boot manager entries were made. The installation seems to be
in place, but when I run bcdedit, I see no entries for the second SBS 2008
installation. Since only one SBS 2008 can be running at a time, I don't see
how there would be a conflict. Is there a software restriction preventing
mutiple SBS 2008 installations on the same box? Or, is there some other
explanation, workaround? Can I use bcdedit to copy and modify an existing
entry to point to the second SBS 2008 partition?