0x800705AA While copying file form network share?



OK, I have an Intel DG965OTM board with an E6600, 2Gb Kingston RAM, and an
Inno3D 8800GTX card if it matters.

9 out of ten times when I'm copying a decent size file from a network share
(the one I'm having trouble with now is 6.71Gb), I get Error 0x800705AA
(Insufficient resources).

I close ALL programs, and tell it to retry, and it still fails.

The only way to copy the file is to reboot Vista.

This is highly annoying for me as copying large files is something I do a
LOT of.

I cannot seriously be out of resource on this highly specced machine.

Any ideas? Maybe file handles which don't get released or something stupid
like that?

MS? Any pointers?


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