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A couple of security questions



Is there any way to:

1. Turn on the "learning mode" for vista advanced firewall?
I would like to filter the outbound traffic as well,
however it appears to be quite complicated without
the learning mode to determine the port numbers used
by different programs and define all the rules manually.

2. It is probably not general vista security question, but
related. If the Parental Control is turned on for some
user account, any blocked content will pop up the
information bar in IE. It is quite annoying, almost
any site on the net has at least a few banners / ads
on it loaded from the outside, often from some dynamic
ad providers, i.e. the ad links are not constant and
thus can't be added to the content blocking rule. I'm
not worrying about the ads, it fine that it is blocked.
The problem is the always flashing information bar.
It is always there even my kid is browsing some allowed
content (because of ad links). So is there any way to turn
it off? I see it can be disabled for different events
(Downloads, ActiveX etc) but not for Parental Control
blocked content.


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