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ACPI\PNPB02F Unknown device issue solved!!!!



I have spent way too much time trying to solve the very annoying
ACPI\PNPB02F Unknown device issue which asks me to scan the computer for a
solution everytime I boot. And this discovery process seems also to have
disabled some startup programs (a pdf "printer driver" and the antivirus tray

Disabling it or deleting it is not an option (I have tried numerous ways of
doing that) as it stops my Pocket PC USB cradle from working for some reason.

Carlos, in another thread, suggested that it wasn't a sound card issue, as
others have suggested, but that it is a motherboard issue. He suggested
disabling the midi and game ports in the BIOS setup.

This solved the issue!

Based upon Carlos's tip I went to the Bios setup and disabled the
Motherboard's built-in Game Port (which I never use) and VOILA the issue was
solved and everythign works now!!!!! (The midi port was already disabled.)

Based upon other suggestions I had already tried installing a game port
driver but found that on the built-in list
of devices that can be installed manually when New Hardware isn't able to
install something, the category that included Game Ports actually didn't have
a Game Port driver available!

They apparently forgot to include a Game Port driver for ACPI\PNPB02F !

Should be pretty easy to fix on the next update.

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