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Hello, I initially installed Vista on a laptop but after having problems with
installation I was forced to reformat that drive as it was not large enough.
I have installed Vista on a seperate/new hard drive for my desk top. When I
went to activate it it stated this had been activated already, and that I had
to contact Microsoft to activate it again. I tried to activate it using the
phone service but was refered to a person who stated the system is "down"
(SNAFU) and that I should call back in an hour. After waiting an hour I was
told this has to be done by the Vista personel only during business hours
9-5. That is the hours that you and I are at work so, so much for 24 hr
support as originally promised in the letter that came with my CD shipped
from Microsoft. My question is this, wouldn't the activation software used by
microsoft notice the mac address and see that it was a new computer and allow
me to reactivate it since I had reformatted as the Vista tech suggested.
Since this works with Xp I do not understand why it does not with Vista.

Mr. Wonderful

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