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Backup disk full error

Vista Ultimate Backup: When making the selections for Complete Backup, it

"If there is not enough space on the disk, one or more of the older backups
will be discarded, starting with the oldest."

Not so on my system.

I am using a 120GB external USB backup in NTFS format. I have about 100GB
on the disk I am backing up.

The backup runs fine for about four days, so I think the system is basically
good. Obviously, file compression make it possible to store versions for
several days. But on the last screen, it turns red and says there is no
more room.

At this point, it should delete the older backups and make room. Remember
that it has already run successfully for several days now.

I can go into the backup device and manually delete the oldest files, but
the error exists when there are ANY backups left. The only thing left to do
is reformat the disk (which I don't like to do) and rerun the backup.

It then runs for another several days until I get the "device full" error

So, since it is supposed to delete the older backups to make space, and
since it still gives the "device full" error, I am assuming either something
else is wrong, or the info that it deletes the oldest backups first is
false. Any ideas?


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