Big Problems with Static Address on Vista!!


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I'm looking to get some help on a problem I am having with my network. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Problem: My vista machines are not accessing the internet when on a static IP address!

Info: All XP machines on the same subnet accessing the same router are working perfectly. When I set the Vista machiens to DHCP everything works perfectly including accessing the internet.

Something to note, when I have a static address set up on the Vista machine and I try to access the web interface for our router ( I get the login window pop up like normal, but my credentials don't work!

Problem not caused by something on the router as I have put the machine on a completely different subnet and connected it to a different router with the same results!

Problem was discovered early morning on Monday (22nd March 2010)

The last update from Microsoft was on 13th of March, so the problem was not caused by an update!

Issue not caused by networking problems, everything has been tested and Vista machines are of different parts of the site.

No firmware updates have been applied to the routers.

System restores do not complete successfully when restoring to a point before the problem started.

Router =

Example Machine:

IP -
Netmask -
Gateway -

CAN ping router (
CANNOT ping Google
CANNOT ping IP for Google
CAN ping other machines
Printing etc works perfectly

I don't think I have missed anything out but let me know if I have!

Thanks in advanced for any help on the issue!

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