Black screen after publishing movie



Hello, can someone please help me?

I am running Windows Vista and using the Windows Movie Maker program that
came with the new PC. I just spent all night making my first music video in
Movie Maker, but there's a major problem.

After I publish the video (on default settings) to my PC, it plays until
1:09 and then the video goes black. The sound remains, and I can see where I
used the "fade in from white" effect. The credits still roll at the end, but
after 1:09, my clips do not show up.

I'm very flustered, because I'm very proud of my video and I want to share
it with my friends.

Here's a list of facts for you to consider:

* I did not move the source files for the video clips
* The entire thing is barely 5 minutes long and about 15 MB
* The movie plays fine within Windows Movie Maker
* I published the video on default settings
* After 1:09, my clips no longer show up when I play the video in Windows
Media Player, but I can still hear the audio track
* I seriously don't think it's a codec problem, because no hardware has
been altered since I bought the PC in May of this year, and I didn't download
new codecs for anything.
* I don't think I have the DivX player.

Someone, please tell me why this might be happening to me... I want to
publish this video a lot. Thanks to any and all who take the time to reply.

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