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bluetooth headset audio not as reliable under Vista SP1


Karl the Pagan

I use a Jabra BT125 both for my phone and for day-to-day audio so that I can
listen to internet radio programs and youtube etc without disturbing my
office mates.

Under my fist Vista install this worked great on my Sager NP9262 (BT is
Cambridge Silicon Radio / Microsoft driver) much better than my previous
Dell. Specifically it reconnected when I turn my headset on/off and did not
require re-pairing or restarting applications using audio devices (I think
that means the Microsoft driver doesn't destroy the audio device when the
paired device goes offline, allowing reconnect to work and not lose

However under SP1 I've noticed a degraded experience. My device does not
always reconnect properly and I have to de-select the Headset service and
re-select it to receive audio. This removes the audio device requiring
applications to restart and it's a manual process to toggle the Headset

I noticed under SP1 when pairing Vista defaulted to a "Telephony" service.
De-selecting that service before using the Headset service slightly improved
its reliability, but my experience still isn't as good as it was before SP1.

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Karl the Pagan

I have found better results with the Toshiba Bluetooth drivers, however they
are serial-locked to particular devices after 30 days ;)

My primary concern currently is that I cannot select the audio output
quality of my A2DP connected device. Using the Toshiba drivers I am able to
select "low quality" audio and the sound does not cut-out when I move my