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can I delete the hiberfil.sys?


Robert Firth

You should run disk cleanup and check the box by "clean hibernation file".
That should delete the hibernation file for you. Don't ask me how to get it
back though.
To "get it back" you would simply switch on XP's "hibernation" feature, this
would cause hiberfil.sys to be recreated !

regards, Richard

Darrell Gorter[MSFT]

Hello Richard,
It may not be as easy as you imply Richard,
The GUI option isn't present.
To re-enable open an elevated CMD prompt.
Run powercfg -h to enable hibernation again.

Rex Geissinger

Oop! actually Darrel it is, Its just hard to find and buried. Its under
power options > Edit plan settings > Choose your power Profile. There are 2
drop down box's "turn off monitor" and "Put the Computer to Sleep" . Below
them is a hyperlink, "Change advanced power settings" click on that, a
window will open. scroll down to "sleep" expand the "Sleep" branch and you
will have 3 options

"Sleep after"
"Hybrid Sleep"
and "Hybernate after"

Set Hybernate after to 0 for never and the hyberfile.sys can be deleted.

Now going back to the "Put the Computer to Sleep" option, if this is set to
NEVER You can still set The "Hybernate After" to any value of minutes for
hybernate without sleep or vice versa through the Advanced settings Dialog
for your chosen power profile.

Hope that helps clear things up as microsoft has combined the Sleep and
Hybernate into a single function, but you can still set them seperatley if
you prefer.
Now that's intersting and usefull! Thanks for posting that. I'd been looking
for that exact feature for about 1/2 hour then decided to read my eMail and
some of the newsgroup. And there it was! Thanks!!!


I love it when a plan comes together!

Barry Watzman

Someone should really tell the Vista Programmers that Hibernate is
spelled with an "i" and not a "y" {e.g. "Hybernate" is an incorrect

Darrell Gorter[MSFT]

Hello Rex,
Run cleanmgr and choose to remove the hibernation file.
Then go back to Control Panel and see if the option still exists.
The option was gone from mine after I removed the hibernation file.