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Can I restore permanently deleted messages?


Earle Horton

"shazagirl" <shazagirl@xxxxxx> wrote in message

>I accidently permanently deleted an email I wasn't meant to. I assume they
> are gone forever..oops..
> thx!!
This depends. If you are in a corporate environment and your personal files
are on a server, then the IT people may be able to get it back for you. If
you have "Leave a copy of messages on the server" set and "Remove from
server when removed from 'Deleted Items'" not set (Advanced Tab), then you
can download another copy from your e-mail server. It may possibly be in
the Recycle Bin. There are a few places to check, but it is probably gone.
Sometimes if you ask nicely the sender has it in "Sent Items" and can send
you another copy.



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