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cannot change partition ID after repair startup from install disk


I have an Acer laptop which is partitioned with a 1st part OEM (hidden and
not active, partiton type ID 27) the second partition is the OS (partition
type ID 07). I had a problem with the OEM partiton so I had to get ride of
it. after that I was unable to restart Vista (boot manager missing) so I used
the repair otions to recreate the boot manager. I was then able to restart
Vista but with strange behaviors:

the system partiton was set to be of type 27 (hidden + not active) in
diskpart. in disk manager, I simply cannot see a C drive as the partiton is
declared as OEM. I cannot perform any action like other partiton. the
hibernation doens't work anymore.

I said ok, lets try to change the partiton type ID with diskpart.

I ran the following:




after the command I made a detail partiton and noticed that the partiton
type was set to 07.

then in the disk manager I was able to see the C drive and perform any
action (shrink, extend, etc...) I said great I will reboot to see if
everything is fine. the laptop reboots and when I go back to diskpart, the
partiton ID is set back to 27.

I even tried to set it with a partiton tool used from a boot disk, the same
thing happens, the partiton is sat back to 27.

can someone help me on this one, I'm loosing my mind with this thing.

many thanks


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