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Cannot Create VHD's in Hyper-V


Buckeye Tech

I have three servers running Hyper-V in production. I recently installed
SCVMM 2008 to manage the three servers and all their VM's. To get SCVMM to
work correctly I needed to install some updates to Hyper-V. I just tried to
create my first new machine since the install. It errors out with the message
"The server encountered an error while configurung hard disk. The operation
on computer 'localhost' failed." I cannot create a new VHD either through
SCVMM 2008 or Hyper-V manager installed on the hosts. I get this error
message on all 3 hosts. I did not have any problems before I installed SCVMM
2008. Anyone have any ideas?
Thanks for your help.

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