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Cannot install vista -frustrated and giving up on vista

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First, I cannot modify existing partitions though I have a 200GB disk. My
boot partition is 15GB of whihc 6GB is used by XP. Now since Vista needs
15GB, it appears that I have a big problem. This is a problem with several
of my friends too since we have data in existing partitions.

I can create a partition of 20GB at the end of the partition and want to use
this for vista. The install ALWAYS looks at C: and does not proceed. Is
there a way to have it look into this other drive.

I also have another hard disk whose first partition is 20GB and dont mind
using this for vista. After a successful install in this partition it comes
up with a n error that it cannot locate winload.exe ? Then I read about some
confuision with the boot starting to use C: for the boot drive and then D:
for boot loaded and then getting confused.

Looks like vista install is P-O-S and very frustrating. It seems to have
some good features but that is AFTER getting it installed and BE able to
access/use it.

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