Can't Change Shortcut's Icon



These shortcuts are pif shortcuts (shortcuts to msdos programs).
"Right-Click/Properties/Program/Change Icon" is the only "icon-changing"
capability I see, but it has no effect on the shortcut's icon. It apparently
changes some other icon associated with the *.bat files themselves. I cannot
figure out how to change the shortcut's icon. I tried copying the target
icon into the same directory containing the pif shortcuts, but this didn't
do anything to the shortcut icon.



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I am no expert but encountered the same problem and couldn't find an answer anywhere.
By trial and error I found the following worked for me for whatever reason.
1 Create a new folder on your desktop for your shortcut items and drag and drop them all there.
2 Go to the "view" button and select either "list" or "small icons".
3 I found I could now right click an item - select " Properties" and change the icon in the normal way.

I found also that I could drag and drop them from this folder to the taskbar without losing the icon.

I use Vista Home Premium 32 bit.

Hope this helps.

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