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Can't get past the user login page


Thalia Nereid

Ok, I just got my hard drive replaced (the geek squad told me it was a
manufacturers defect) and I decided to install the latest windows operating
program, vista home premium. It was running near perfect, despite the fact
that my hp was recommended for xp. Just needed to download a driver for
sound. Got that all accomplished and downloaded some songs for my Itunes as
well (yes I have an Ipod) everything was working perfectly. I hooked up my
Ipod and it syncs (something the old hard drive was no longer allowing,
before it crashed) but then it would not shut off. Hiting the eject button
did not stop it, trying to stop the device did not work. It said it was being
used by other operations, except I had no programs open anymore. So I shut
down the computer (keep in mind I have no idea really how computers work) I
went to turn it on again today and it showed the welcome screen and the user
login screen. It allowed me to enter my password, and continued on like it
was going to bring up my account, then it goes to a blank screen with only
the mouse. I can hit ctrl-alt-delete and it sends me to the usual page
offering log off, switch users, hybernate, and shut down stuff, but that is
all. What did I do, what do I need to do to fix it? Is it that Apple and
Windows are not compatible? I appreciate any help. (I'm on a friends computer
right now, not my own.)
Please use non-technical words if possible. Thank you

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