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Can't log into my computer



I was having some problems with my Gateway laptop, which came with Vista
installed on it, so I decided to do a system restore. After I did the
restore, I can't log onto to computer at all. When I type in the correct
password, I get this message:

The group policy client service failed the logon. Access is denied.

When I intentionally type in an incorrect password, I get this message:

User name or password is incorrect.

I understand the second message, but the first one has me totally confused.
I can't even get into the computer at all to try to figure anything out. How
do I get back into the computer to do anything?????

My Computer


Blue Angell

I f you guys haven't fixed the problem by now go into control panel, via safe
mode, user accounts and make a new admin account, log off old one, log onto
new one and delete old one. Puts you into setting up new account but!

"farzi" wrote:

> hi,
> i've similar problem...
> what u did to get rid of that?
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> farzi
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