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Case rule for "An unidentified program wants access..."?


Reggie Dunbar

I have some work apps that run just fine, but this warning message is a bit
old. Is there a way to set case-by-case access for executables?

Thomas Z.

Font not sharp


I have tried already all the clear type settings and also my monitor is
correctly adjusted, but my font is still not sharp.
However, it is only the new segoe UI font which is not sharp.
All other fonts like Tahoma is sharp.
I have used outlook 2007 under XP where the font was also not sharp.
Outlook 2003 was sharp.
It's clearly the new font which doesn't look sharp.

However, today i have visited a computer shop and have seen that the new
Segoe UI font normally looks really good.
Can anyone help ? Any idea ?
I will try out everything.


Jimmy Brush

Unfortunately, no.

If this were so, malware would be able to hijack these pre-approved
applications and use them to perform things without your knowledge.

- JB
Microsoft MVP - Windows Shell/User

Windows Vista Support Faq