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Check Box in Word (Office 2007)


Caspar's Mom

Does anyone know how to insert a box that can be checked in Word? It used to
be on the Forms Toolbar in the older version of Word, but I cannot figure out
how to get to it. Many thanks.
Caspar's Mom

Veeshhhh ta!

To add the boxes that you will be able to check, you need to use the
Developer tab.
Show the Developer tab

Click the Microsoft Office Button , and then click Word Options.
Click Popular.

Select the Show Developer tab in the Ribbon check box.
Add the check boxes

Click the top left cell in the table that you inserted.
On the Developer tab, in the Controls group, click Legacy Tools.

Under Legacy Forms, click Check Box Form Field .

Note If the check box has a gray background, click Legacy Tools in the
Controls group, and then click Form Field Shading to remove the gray

Click the next cell where you want to insert a check box, and then press
CTRL+Y to insert another check box.
After you insert a check box for each item that you want, click the top
right cell and type the text for the first item. Repeat this step for each
item in the list

Veeshhhh ta!

I copy pasted that from the office2007 help

the office button is the round button on the top left part of office

you can search the office help if you press the little blue question mark on
the top right part of office

also have in mind that this is the Vista newsgroup, if you want better
replies you can direct the questions
to the specialized newsgroup for office that is this one: