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Computer will not boot


I am not quite sure if I am posting in the right place or not, if not please forgive me. Just to fill you in on how things started, I am going to start at the beginning, bear with me please : )
My situation started when I turned my computer on and my desktop display was wonky, about a half hour prior to that everything was fine.(I had this issue before, and did a restore which fixed the problem). The screen was stretched to the right and bottom and the curser just kind of ran off the screen. The task bar doesn’t go all the way to the bottom of the screen and when I put my curser under it, it is long and skinny, sort of like you would look in one of those circus mirrors. This is what I have done so far
-Checked the resolution: and it’s where it is supposed to be 1024x768 (60Hz) ·
- Tried to get a print screen, but it looked normal in the pic.
-I updated the BOIS after running the HP health check and it told me to (quite honestly I have no clue what that means LOL)
-Checked the driver to see if it needed an update , it didn’t
-Checked the MS forum and didn't find anything
-Scoured over HP’s site, nothing
-As the very last resort I called HP. He instructed me to DL NIVDIA which I did, and then got the message that driver wasn’t compatible with anything on the computer. He then instructed me to do a full recovery (my computer is 5 months old). All of that as it turns out was the least of my problems. Because now my computer won't start. I was all set to do a system recovery from the hard drive partition (not a big deal, I have done it plenty of times) Had everything backed up and was ready to go. I first tried start/recovery manager/recovery manager. My computer went through the motions, but never started by itself. I waited for a long time and finally I shut it off and started it back up again. Next I tried rebooting, and was ready to hit F11 when my computer restarted. Problem with that is that the HP screen with the F11 prompt didn't come up. (Not sure how long that has been going on!)Then I tried rebooting with hitting F8 before the Vista logo came up, to boot in safe mode. It just started as normal. Then I ran misconfig to manually tell it to start in safe mode (which I have done in the past with no issues) My computer shut down and hasn't started since! I am totally sick over this (I even shed a tear or two) I do have the extended warrantee which I purchased at Circuit City (go figure) that is still good but I am hesitant to go that route because of the horror stories I have heard about their CS and repairs! Can any of you computer guru's help me? Please? LOL I am a mess over this : (

If I posted in the wrong place, could you please redirect me? Sorry this is so long, I hope that I offered the right information.
My computer is a laptop, HP Pavillion dv2910, running Vista Home, and I am pretty sure it is 32bit (I am at work so I can't check with my manual)

Thanks in advance,