Computers joining customers domain - how to best configure



I'm doing some exploratory work and was hoping someone could point me in the
right direction.

I have a client/server product that is sold to a number of customers. The
server runs Windows 2003 Std and is in it's own workgroup. There are 2
accounts configured on the server, one is a local admin and the other is a
standard user account. The client computers run windows XP and are in the
same workgroup and have the same local user accounts. The computers are
managed, patched, updated etc by me. The clients connect to a sybase
sqlanywhere DB hosted on the server and currently the passwords for the 2
accounts do not change.

My customers would like a little more control of mycomputers on their
network and I'm attempting to come up with a strategy to allow this.

Does anyone know of a whitepaper or document that they can refer me to that
covers this or a similar scenario?


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