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Configure customBinding for named pipe




in our current project we want to use WCF wherever possible. My newest
task is to write to a named pipe. The problem is, this pipe is created
by some other process not utilizing WCF. Which means, I can't use the
As far as I understood, I can still use WCF on my side by using a
customBinding with a NamedPipeTransportBindingElement. But information
on how to configure this customBinding is really scarce and I'm not
sure yet how to do this.
I found a blog post on how to kind of "inherit" from one of the
predefined bindings and only change single settings. My idea now is to
"inherit" from NetNamedPipeBinding and just change the settings which
make a WCF-created pipe mandatory. When looking at the setings of
NetNamedPipeBinding, the only setting which looks distinctively WCF is
"Scheme = net.pipe". Unfortunately I couldn't find any information on
which value I would need instead of "net.pipe".

So now I'd like to ask your help. How can I configure this binding?
Could you point me to some source of information? Am I on the right
track at all? Any thoughts on my problem will be appreciated!


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