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Connect to non-network projector


The Engineer

Hi, I have tried to connect my new Dell laptop with Vista on it to the Optoma
DV11 projector using the supplied VGA cable.

I get NO IMAGE from the projector in spite of all steps shown below.

1. when cable is inserted Vista automatically changes DPI at 800x600. Is
there a way of stopping that ? Very annoying...Attempts to change DPI to
higher at this point crashed the system every time.

2. have changed DPI to mid range BEFORE connecting the cable. Have cheked
DPI is in acceptable range for Optoma. This time cable insertion did not
change dpi to 800x600. Pressed Fn + F8, projector says input acquired via VGA
channel but screen stays black.

3. have tried above with Windows Mobility Center, find New Display, etc..Fn
+F8 again, no luck

4. all Help in Vista is about network projectors , nothing about directly
connected projectors. Is a directly connected projector same as a New Display
or New Monitor ? Can Vista find the directly connected projector ?

Whatever I seem to be doing, changing DPI, pressing Fn+F8, uisng the
Mobility Center I get black screen on the projector although the projector
does lock on some VGA signal from the laptop.
Am I missing something essential here ? I would be very grateful for some
advice or help links, thanks.

My Computer

Yes I am having similar problems as you with the blank screen. For some
reason my projector has locked onto monitor 2 setting (in display settings
VISTA) and only showns this as a desktop image but with no icons or toolbar
and the resolution looks like its 800X600.

When I try to change the monitor in settings to the right one (displayed on
my laptop) the projector shows a blank screen.

There are quite a few people like us who are having the same problem. It's a
very common bug in Vista by the looks of it.

My Computer

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