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Connecting to Vista Workgroup PC via Windows 2003 Doesn't work . .

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Hi all,

I am attempting to connect to a Vista Workgroup PC from a Windows 2003
server and cannot successfully connect to it.

I have the firewall switched off, shared out the local drive and folders,
assigned the required share and file permissions and still cannot connect.

Does anyone have any ideas ?

I am attempting to use pass-through authentication to the local Vista PC
from with Windows 2003 server and I cannot get it to even recognise that a
connection is being requested. I can ping the Vista PC successfully, but
that's about it. Connections from the Vista PC to the Windows 2003 server
are fine, no problems there.

I receive the following messages when attempting to connect from Windows
2003 to the Vista PC;
- "No network provider accepted the given network path"

If I perform a < Net Use \\%Computername% > I receive the following message
- "System error 67 has occurred"

Both the Vista's SERVER and WORSTATION services are running successfully.

Your help and assstance is appreciated.

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