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Constant "Website Navigation Error" messgae

Hi - bought a new HP laptop in January - came with Vista - since day 1 I've
been getting a constant message bubble that pops up. It read's:

"Navigation to webpage was canceled"

"What you can try:"

" - refresh the page "

There is no X to close the bubble, and actually clicking on the "refresh"
link does not work. The only way to rid the bubble to open Task manager and
close it.

It appears every few minutes regardless of whether Internet explorer is open
or not.

I stopped using all gadgets - no help...any idea's it is driving me nuts.


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This is exactly the problem I am now having on HP Pavilion. I found some information that suggests that it is related to Task Scheduler Internet Offers. Surely someone knows what to do about this!! It is a constant annoyance as the window cannot be closed except through Task Manager.

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