Contacts listing



I have a number of folders (5 graduation classes, a choir group, a genealogy
group, a book club and a miscellaneous group) and about 25-30 individual
friends and relatives in my contacts list for a total of about 160 different
names. Windows Mail Contacts program pulls all of these names into one list
when I want to send an e-mail, and then I have to scan through this list
(at about 12 names per page) to find the name or names I want to e-mail.
Outlook Express kept the names in the folders and then only displayed the
25-30 individuals. If I wanted someone in the choir group, I opened that
folder and selected the person I was looking for. Using the group function
of Mail or going to the Contacts icon and selecting the folder to create an
e-mail becomes very cumbersome to use.

Is there a way to duplicate OE or does Windows Live duplicate this function?

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