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corrupted administrative account and Media Center



I hav had Vista installed for about four months. After about two months,
Media Center began to crash when I accessed the Guide. When I contacted
Microsoft, they informed me that this behavior was due to a corrupted
account. The fix was to create a new account with full administrative rights
and transfer all of my files and settings to the new account. This worked for
about two months. Now Media Center crashes when I start it up. I asume I
again have a corrupted login account. My current fix is to set up a separate
account with full rights to use for Media Center. So far this has worked but
it is a little cumbersome. 1. Can anyone tell me or advise a path to
determine why the account is getting corrupted in the first place ?. 2. is
there any way to reestablish the account without going through all of the
file and setting transfers ?.

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