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Deleting files that are NOT there



I have a strange problem. I installed some software which did not work
so I uninstalled it. I then did a search to see if any of the files were
still there. I got 5 results. when I went to the found locations there
were no files there - not in any of the 5 locations, so I tried deleting
them from the search results, however I get an error message saying that
the files are no longer in that location.

I have tried:
re-installing & uninstalling the software.
system restore (which won't work)
Spybot S&D (no threats found)
Avast system scan
Registry scan

I don't know what else to try...any suggestions please? I read that one
needs to run Unlocker in XP mode. How do you do this?

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Brian Clegg

i had a very similiar problem.trying to delete a file only to be told it
no longer exists but the reference was there.
after a long investigation i found the following program which is free and

delinvfile 3.03

just google for it and download
then point it to the bad file reference and it fixes it