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Does system restore restore previous security settings?

i messed up the security permission for c: it supposed to be owned by trustedinstaller... can anyone post a screenshot for c: ---> properties ---->security tab.. need to see wat have i gone wrong

and how can i fix it?? how can i restoreto the default permisson settings????
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Richard in AZ

"projectnew" <guest@xxxxxx-email.com> wrote in message news:1ac6e1d24a543b1659ed121e510749d8@xxxxxx-gateway.com...

> for example the owner of c:
> --
> projectnew

It is better if you fully describe your problem, or concern, using the body of the message rather than the subject line.
What is your concern? No one owns the C: drive.
You post is not clear.

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projectnew said:
then how can i restore to the default permission?
Practically is very difficult fully restore permissions in Vista - a big obstacle are very subtle permissions.Yes of of course there are commands takeown,icacls to do it - with ownership shouldn't be any problems but with permissions -yes.See for example this thread:

I've tried restore permissions by using command icacls -although my scripts theoretically are fully correct practically fail on C:\Windows. When script meet some file which is busy -system refuse changing permissions for this file -returns error "access denied" although you are already the owner of this file - interesting:in this situation there is no problem to change permissions for this file by using classic method:http://www.vistax64.com/tutorials/67717-take-ownership-file.html
http://www.vistax64.com/tutorials/157304-folder-permissions.html :sleepy:

But what important:if this kind of script meet error and can't change permissions for any file -all operation are stopped and don't work later although sometimes can return "success" but really there is no any success.Untill now I thinking (without any destination) how to fully restore permissions but untill now I don't know resolve.

If you have any trouble with permissions you should describe your problem - there is also tool Process Monitor which use to detect trouble with permissions

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