Duplicate File name with remote users name appended


Iain Marshall

Hi Can Any One Help?

I am using windows live sync to share a small database between my home
office and 5 remote users who all have broadband & mobile broadband..

I have set my Server with a live share username & password ( eg :
[email protected] )

I have setup up a live share folder called " Data1" and put in the Access
database called ( Followup.mdb )
I have set Guest Permissions and Anonymous user access with READ / WRITE /
Modify / Read & Execute permissions.

The database " followup.mdb " is 54Mb in size.

I have created accounts for each of the 5 users...

[email protected] on laptop 1
[email protected] on laptop 2
[email protected] on laptop 3
[email protected] on laptop 4
[email protected] on laptop 5 all users have their own passwords and
do not know the server account password.

I have at the Server configured the folder and added all the above users as

Each users has connected and the file has uploaded.
Each users has made changes to the database and I can see changes back at
the server .... HOWEVER just recently users are complaining that the changes
are not be made back to the server on some days and are on the others and
that the work they did the previous day is not their but they can see
changes made by the other users ... repeated problem by the other users.
These extra files are now seen in the share folder on the server.

Original file = followup.mdb
New File1 = [email protected],laptop1.mdb
New File2 = [email protected],laptop4.mdb
NewFile3 = [email protected],laptop2.mdb
[email protected],laptop2(2).mdb ... these were made 3 days apart.

when I look at these files they are a full copy of the database to that user
name and contain the data that is missing from the master followup.mdb but
do not contain the data done by another user on the same day after the
creation of the duplicate file nor any data after the file creation.

Sorry its long winded ... anyone seen this.

I do not get this with any other file... I popped some control docs in their
and fax templates and email sig's.

Thank you.