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DVD Maker sound & picture out of snyc



I don't know if anyone else had had this problem, but I somewhat successfully
burned movies to DVD using the Windows DVD Maker. Only problem is the sound
and picture are out of sync. I hear the sound first, then the picture to
match is about 2-3 seconds delayed. Anyone else had and/or solved this issue?

I also tried to burn the same files using Roxio and the DVD came out fine.
The sound & picture matched right up as it should. There's just something
wrong in the Windows DVD Maker software that causes this issue. I like the
menu options on the Windows software much more than the Roxio software so I'd
really like to figure out some way to make it work.

I've already wasted 3 DVDs thanks to the wonderful "help" at HP. Vista was
preloaded on my notebook so I don't think I can get support from Microsoft &
HP doesn't really have any knowledge about Windows products. Any help would
be much appreciated!

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I have the exact same problem. Hopefully someone can help.

I also have another problem. I can only get the program to burn WMV files.
If I try to burn AVI the program crashes

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:i have the same problems with windows dvd maker it plays fine when
viewing on the pc ,but when i put the movie on a dvd disk the sound is
about 2 to 3 seconds behind the video ,at one point a scene had finished
and faded out,and the audio was still running 10 seconds later from that
scene.....obviously a problem with the windows dvd maker program.....im
thinking of deleting it and trying a different dvd program ive wasted
alot of disks on movies that i cant watch because of the destracting
audio sync problems...

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