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ERROR 0X8007000D in OEM install


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Hi! I've built a new PC with Seagate Barracuda 1.5TB HD (Serial ATA HD), used the red SATA cable to plug it into the mobo. It is an ASUS P6T mobo with 12g ram.

There was a CD with things like "Intel x58 chipset Support DVD" and "Vista Drivers Inside" "M1455", but I didn't see anything that looked like I should install it.

I put the OEM Vista Home Premium x64 cd in the dvd player (it's installed with a red SATA cable as well - should I use an orange cable?). The install gets to the "put in your product key -- I do -- and then after about a minute I get the message that it can't find the file on the D:\ drive and error 0x8007000d.

I haven't built a box in several years so I'm wondering if I've plugged something in incorrectly or if there are other drivers that I need to install?

Any ideas about what I should do?

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