Exmerge vs Export PST from clients



I'm in the process of moving mail from SBS 2003 to SBS 2008...the
suggestion from someone in this group was to use Exmerge to do it
easily and after reading up on Exmerge it does seem pretty simple to
do, but i have a couple of concerns:

- Exmerge size limit is 2 gigs if i am reading correctly, so those
users with mailboxes large than that (several of them) will need to
me manually exported

- Exmerge, if i understand correctly, is just exporting the mail and a
different step is needed for Calendar, etc?

What i want to know is, why not just export each users mail to a PST
on the client and then import those into the SBS 2008 machine once
i've setup those users mail? That way i get my calendar, contacts,
etc and there is no file size limitation...it honestly seems to be the
easiest way, or is there a more simple way. I DON'T want to connect
the computers to each other to migrate for fear of one contaminating
the other (possible virus issues on SBS 2003 server)...I am doing
clean installs of windows on all of the clients and then setting them
up to a clean SBS 2008 box...i have all weekend/monday to do


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