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for all HP DeskJet 970Cxi pro that is shared on network


jonathan perreault

i had a problem while back with this printer my dad wanted to use a
different driver called HP DeskJet 970C series, because of that i wasn't
able to print on xp or vista for some reason only way to print was to use
the HP DeskJet 970Cxi driver so want i did was created two printers one is
for him the other one is the one that he shares on his pc. here are the
steps : i went to his printer changed the driver to what i wanted it to be,
then used the wizard to SEARCH the driver that my dad wanted to use, DO NOT
let windows search it for you, it will ruin what you are trying to do, so i
manually selected the driver, then the port usb that the printer was
connected to finished the wizard, and voila two printers with same name one
shared one not, and it will or should work if you have that problem, if it
doesn't work then get rid of the one wanting to use the driver that doesn't

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