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Got this Error booting " Boot Failure pxe-e53 no boot filename received pxe-m0f...



I was getting a error when I booted up my computer. it would say
something like

Boot Failure ....

pxe-e53 no boot filename received pxe-m0f: exiting pxe rom

it said some other stuff, and I found it was booting first from my DVDS
then my external had drive. I found the solution by unpluging the usb
hard drive and my computer booted fine.

Why would this do this? I had always had my external USB hard drive
pluged in while rebooting or booting up. It never did that before.

So once I unpluged my External hard drive before i turned my computer
on it booted correctly. Is this anything I should be concerned about or
is this just some little Vista error?

Thanks in advance for any responses

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