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GPMC error - when viewing report



I needed to create a GPO so that every PC would have the same website as a
site under Local Intranet. The site is our SharePoint site. I'm going to
set it as the default home page, and I don't want users to get prompted for
their login credentials when this site comes up. If I add it to Local
Intranet for IE settings, it won't prompt them for their login credentials.

I created the GPO under User Configuration>Windows Settings>Internet
Explorer Maintenance>Security>Security Zones and Content Ratings. It works
But once I've put that in there, I can no longer view a report under GPMC.
I get this error:
An error occurred while generating report:
An unknown error occurred while the HTML report was being created.

I Googled that and found a bunch of posts that say change that GPO so there
are no custom settings. Well that's fine for viewing the report. But I need
that setting. And I don't find any suggestions anywhere on how to have it
both ways... so that I can keep this setting and view the report.

Anyone know of a solution or workaround for this?


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